“Eco-Friendly and Cruelty-Free Knitting”

About Kaneh-Bosem

Kaneh-Bosem's creation is the result of the desire to find a serious alternative to animal origin fibers and petrochemistry. The desire to offer 100% plant based yarns, respectful of the environment, animals and people. Hemp was the way to go, for the most part because of its well-known thermoregulatory properties but also because its farming doesn’t need any treatment and its crop yield is high.

Hemps is THE Eco-friendly plant. The processes and dyes involved are all GOTS and Oekotex guaranteed.
In order to guaranty a cruelty free knitting, no product of animal origin is used during the creation of our yarns.
Made in France
Our yarns have been invented, dyed, produced and shaped with love in France !

Advantage of Hemp

Hemp is a plant which grows in any soil type, it has no need for irrigation or phytosanitary treatment : no fertilizer, no insecticides, no pesticides, no fungicides. Its farming offers us high quality and wholesome fibers with inestimable natural properties. Hemp is:
• Thermoregulatory
• Antibacterial and antifungal
• Thermal and acoustic insulation
• UV filter and anti static
• Has exceptional resilience
• High absorbent capacity
Clothes made out of hemp are soft, long-lasting, don’t get distorted and are breathable.

A Better World

Sheeps as all the other animals are sentient beings and should not be considered as consumption products. Yet, they are still often victims of a barbaric productivist logic : castrated and mutilated without any kind of analgesic, mulesing but also premature shearing which exposes the animals to often deadly temperature changes...
Even in organic farms often seen as more “kind”, it is necessary to realise that the flock is systematically vaccinated, sometimes has EID and that lambing is pushed to its limits for a better profitability. The exploitation continues and the question is « is there any other way? ». Alternatives exist, Kaneh-Bosem chose to contribute to their development.

Handcrafted in France

There are very few dyeing factories in France, where the products are still handmade and the skeins are dyed by hand. It’s in la Creuse, region proud of its river, its heritage and its tapestry, in a small family business established there since 1910, that we chose to dye our yarns Pernelle, Damya and Merlin, using techniques and recipes which are the result of three years of testing and research.

About us...

Amsha founders, full time parents of two, activists comitted in re-enchanting the world by any means necessary.

Julien Lafourcade / Asokka : graphic designer initiated to sacred geometry and freelance art director.

Aurélie Païno / KeïKo : Creator of Kaneh-Bosem, earth and birth keeper.

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