Frequently Asked Questions

What does hemp look like ? Is it soft ? 

Contrary to popular belief : hemp is soft! Obviously don't expect a yarn as elastic and silky as some of animal origin ones, rather expect something between linen (but not as cold, dry or stiff) and cotton (but more soft, breathable and long-lasting) ! You will find more information about the difference between hemp and cotton here. One of the biggest advantage of hemp is that wearing and washing will soften it up and make it more flexible, not to mention its thermoregulatory properties which will allow you to wear it during both summer and winter !

In a nutshell, our 100% hemp has linen like appearance, and our blends of hemp/organic cotton are really similar to  cotton.

Why Chinese or Romanian hemp ?

Hemp is without a doubt the plant that has been demonized the most during the last century. With the abolition of slavery, making labour expensive, and the emergence of synthetic fibers such as nylon, the production of textile hemp in the western hemisphere was reduced to almost nothing. With the mills that closed, the knowledge was lost, now it’s a whole new world to be reinvented. Romania is the biggest producer of hemp in Europe where it’s an ancient tradition that has been worked since the seventh century BC. Here is the most beautiful thread we’ve found : pure, resistant, soft and pearlescent, a treasure of nature that we have been keen to return the knitting scenery in France. Hemp textile still remains a peasant tradition in China, where archeological traces of it have been found, that date back to 8000 BC. A mix of recycled hemp and biological cotton from unused organic fabric scraps have been selected in a GOTS and Fair Wear certified chinese mill, which is carefully dyed and twisted in France according to our recipes and ecological procedures.

To know more : "Hemp, the environment, global warming, and knitting" (french) 

How to take care of my Kaneh-Bosem knittings ? 

Before wearing it  for the first time, we recommend you to wash it one time separately in order to remove excessive dye. Always choose liquid eco-friendly laundry detergents, they are more gentle than washing powder and unless it is otherwise specified do not wash above 40% .

Hand washing or in the washing machine set on gentle cycle, lay flat to dry or in a gentle dryer, don't leave it under direct sunlight in order to preserve the colors.

Note : Hemp, like any other absorbent fiber, if washed using hard water can become rough. If that is the case, rub your knitting between your hands until it became flexible and soft (in addition you can put it in the dryer for a couple of minutes).


I'm an absolute beginner in knitting... Where should I start ?

 There is more than enough videos and tutorial on the internet to learn about the basics of knitting. You will discover really fast how to wind a ball from a skein, to cast on, knit in the round...

You will also find several kinds of knitting glossary. After learning the basics, you just have to find the right pattern for you, the yarn you like and knit it !


How to choose well your needles ? What is a sample ? 

 After you chose your pattern and your yarn you will have to make sure that the number of stitches you get for a 10cm x 10 cm sample is equal to the one mentioned by the creator of your pattern. If that is not the case, there is a high chance that the result will not fit, in consequence you will have to adapt your pattern to your knitting.

The fiber of hemp (for 100% hemp yarn) just like linen, can be knit a little looser and give an excellent result, you can do so by using needles that are larger than required. The stitch will be more flexible and the fit will be quite nice !


Can I become a reseller ?

Yes! It is now possible to become a reseller of Kaneh-Bossem's products. Don't hesitate to contact us and explain your project to us.

What about the delivery ? Terms and conditions of sale ? etc...

All the information about our shipping policy are on this page !

Discover also our loyalty program and our "about us" section.

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