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Stitch Markers


Earn up to 2 points fidélité.

Bundle of 4 stitch markers with a silver-coloured stringing and an 8mm diameter semi precious pearl of pyrite, black obsidian, pink quartz or amethyst. For knitting needles up to 12mm. Hand-made in France for Kaneh-Bosem.

Stitch markers are used to mark a reference point on a work in progress : for stitch or pattern changes, for in-the-round pattern, etc.. Thanks to them you will not have to count your stitch all over again !

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  • The semi precious pearls turn those stitch markers into little jewelry. Futhermore they have not only be chosen for their colors, but also for their crystal effect property.
  • Really positive golden stone with metallic luster, the pyrite helps improving memory and boosts intellectual faculty, it also alleviates stress, increases your energy, and combats physical and psychological fatigue…
  • Rose Quartz is a crystal of calmness, tenderness, appeasement, and comfort. It helps awake romanticism and accentuates sensitivity…
  • Powerful and protective spiritual stone, amethyst embodies wisdom and humility. It soothes, calms and purifies. Its purple color, encourages creativity and open-mindedness, that’s the reason why it became the intuition and meditation stone. It stimulates imagination, focus and increases spiritual awareness…
  • The black obsidian fights negative energies, grounds you to earth, and cleanses you from the illusions (stone of truth). Protector, it promotes focus, meditation and balance.


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